It is a 3 Step process:

1. Choose the program that fits YOU the best

  • If you have any specific questions or want to discuss before signing up please Contact us via mail or call.

  • Once you decide, write to us the program's name and when do you wish to start.

  • We will contact you and send the payment details.


2. The Consultation Stage:

  • You have to fill a health assessment and a dietary assessment form. This will helps us understand your routine, eating pattern, health parameters, etc.

  • Share with us your recent medical reports, if any.

  • Based on your day and time preferences, a consultation schedule will be generated for the duration of the program

  • A detailed counselling will be done at the start of the program. 

  • Flexible Diet plan with various alternatives will be given.

  • Weekly follow up and necessary changes in the diet plan will be done.

  • Effective trackers will be maintained  to monitor your progress.

  • Simple and healthy recipes will be shared with you.

  • Phone, Whatsapp and email support will be there throughout for all of your queries.

3.​ A document will be shared summarizing all the tips and practical guidelines to follow.