We believe that food depicts a mood. And it should not be a sad one. You do not need to put something in your mouth which you loathe. Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. All you have to do is find the diet that fits YOU !!

And that's where NUTRIFICATION steps in. We believe in a creative, dynamic and practical approach to healthy eating. Helps us in helping you and empowering you to adopt a dietary lifestyle which suits your body, which you enjoy and which you can follow it without any guilts or regrets.

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Nutrification's weight loss program focuses on losing that extra inches and weight which you have been trying to get rid of since long.

 The package will include the following benefits:

  • General Health Assessment &Dietary Assessment

  • Detailed one on one counselling on chat/ mail/ call

  • Diet plan customized based on your goals and eating habits

  • Healthy food and snack options

  • Suggestions for exercise/workouts

  • Constant support and monitoring

  • Recipe options

  • Weekly review and revision of the diet plan based on results

Duration: 8 weeks

Get in touch today and start taking control of your life.

Green Goodness


Get customized diet plan for various clinical conditions.

  • e.g, Diabetes, Kidney diseases, PCOD, Hypertension, Pregnancy, Gall stones

  • General Health assessment

  • Dietary Assessment

  • One on one detailed counselling on chat/mail/ call

  • Constant support and monitoring

  • Recipe options

  • Inclusion of super foods depending on the condition

  • Weekly review of the diet plan

Duration: 8 weeks

Diet Plan


This program is suitable for those who just require a one time consultation. It will include:

General health assessment

  • Dietary recall

  • One time nutritional counselling

  • A flexible diet plan with options and alternatives

  • You can clear all your diet related concerns in the session.

Price: Rs. 500 per consultation

Write to us your details and a suitable date and time for you. We will get in touch with you.

Kids with Capes


This program is designed for kids keeping in mind their picky eating habits, nutrient requirements for growth and development.

It will include:

  • Health assessment (age, height, weight according to growth standards)

  • Dietary recall (diet history, preferences, etc.)

  • Detailed consultation with the parents

  • Diet plan according to the kids with alternatives and options

  • Kid Friendly recipes will be shared

  • Constant monitoring and support in case of doubts