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How this quarantine can work in favor of your body

We have all been blaming our busy lifestyle and working schedules for not giving enough time to our body. Here are few common ones:

"I cant get my 8 hours of sleep, I have to wake up early for work"

"I eat in the canteen because I don't get time to pack my own lunch from home"

"I am so tired after work and studies, how will I exercise"

"If I am out with friends, we end up eating something junk, I cannot say no to them"

And the list goes on.

Well if your excuses were genuine, here is the perfect chance. The universe has conspired so that you, yes YOU can give some attention and care to your body. Make the most of this quarantine period. Here are a few points which you can consider to show your body that it matters.

MOVE: Just keep moving (within your house of course!). Yes, I know you cannot go to the gym or to your favorite park for the morning walk.

But that is not an excuse. You can exercise at home, walk or jog around, jog in the same place, dance, do some skipping. Thanks to the internet, you can easily watch and follow some workout videos. Stretch your body and meditate. If not all of that, then at least help your mom in the household chores.


I know this feels like a long summer vacation and you are tempted to watch Netflix, play ludo and text all night. Do not let your sleeping pattern to go hay wire. If you are awake late at night, you will get hunger cravings. Sleeping late will just drag you into a vicious cycle. You will munch on snacks at night, you will not get proper sleep, you will feel lazy whole day and then you wont work out. Do not fall into this. Set a sleeping time. Its okay if it is a bit later ( A bit, I repeat) than your normal days. Get complete 8 hours of proper sleep and see the magic!

HYDRATE: If you are someone who keeps forgetting to drink water, keep a bottle of water next to you always.

Do not confuse your thirst signals with hunger signals.Dehydration may trick your mind to believe that you are hungry, when you are actually just thirsty. Do not gulp on packaged juices and cold drinks. You can make fresh juices, lemon water, infused fruit water, buttermilk, lassi, etc.

SNACK RIGHT: We are at home and we are bored. Remember boredom does not mean you are hungry. Stick a note near your desk or your room which says "You are not hungry, You are bored". And if you are actually hungry, munch on the right food.

Engage in cooking. The whole cooking process will help you realize how hungry you are and what you feel like eating. The tasting and smelling of the food will satisfy you before you actually begin to eat. This way you will not over eat. You can check out some healthy recipes on our Instagram page.

REFLECT and ACT: Take some time of the day and reflect. Think about your dreams and aspirations.

Something which you always wanted to try but never had the time? Figure out if you can work on it or plan how you can do it when this quarantine ends. Make peace with your mind and throw all the negativity out. If you do not have a hobby, try on different things. Maybe reading, doing some art, learning a new language or even do some online courses. You can even write your thoughts, poems, articles or blogs (just like what I am doing right now :P)

Spend time with your family and above all be GRATEFUL.


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